Girl Gets Left Waiting By Boyfriend Until Starbucks Closes

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Relationships are always tough, especially if they’re online ones. However, this girl who has been seeing someone online for years decided to meet up with the guy at a Starbucks. However, she was left waiting until the coffee shop closed. 

Starbucks closed but he’s still not here

Sounds like another Taylor Swift song. Apparently, the man was getting married to another girl the following day. This girl came and surprised him in Singapore after being together for six years. She then made a bitter promise to never talk to him again after leaving Singapore. 

Just a few days ago, we had a Singaporean man faking his death to not see a girl, now we have a man getting married to not see his digital girlfriend. Netizens are criticising the girl for her less than smart decisions to have a relationship without even meeting the person. 

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