Romanian Authorities After Andrew Tate on Human Trafficking Claims 

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Andrew Tate is known for his crude remarks online towards women and the liberal left. He has a strong base of supporters, who are usually centrists and right wingers. However, the left absolutely hates him for not going along the norms that they typically follow. 

Andrew Tate to be jailed? 

It is unsure if he is going to be jailed or not, but his debate against Greta Thunberg has sparked Twitter. Apparently, he tweeted to the young social activist and she responded to him in a demeaning manner. He then responded to her remarks with a photo of him eating pizza in Romania. 

Some are stating that he is going through a downfall now. His loyal fans are still adamant that he will survive this ordeal unscathed. Observers are seeing Tate as a ridiculous conservative version of the loud liberals who preach ridiculous ideologies. 

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