9A Student Not Getting Scholarships

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In Malaysia, for SPM graduates that get good results, they are expected to get scholarships to good universities. However, one student who got 8A+ and 1A did not get a scholarship. Then, a video made by Charles Santiago, an ex Member of Parliament for DAP, stating that the graduate tried applying for Petronas and Jabatan Perkhidmatan Awam, and they declined him. 

Scholarships based on race? 

In the video, Charles Santiago questions if this particular student did not receive a scholarship primarily due to his race. However, netizens are not taking this too lightly as they claim that a number of SPM graduates have achieved in getting straight As for their exams. 

Others stated that there are many other companies and universities that the student can apply to and try for their luck. Furthermore, netizens are not happy with having the involvement of a politician in this issue. 

Netizens also dug up old national scholarship receivers back in 2013 and claimed that 29 out of 50 of those that received scholarships were non bumiputera. Some gave a suggestion to get a student loan, or PTPTN and achieve good marks in order to get a scholarship. 

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