Heroes welcome for PM Anwar in Johor

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It appears that Malaysians are finally loving their Prime Minister, especially if it is Anwar Ibrahim. He appears to be celebrated by the crowd of people waiting to see him. On TikTok he is dubbed to be more famous than even celebrities. 

Anwar Ibrahim more popular than celebrities 

Netizens are stating that Friday prayers must be a hassle for the Prime Minister as there are a large number of supporters crowding him. Others poked fun at PAS as they claim that PAS politicians can never relate to Anwar Ibrahim’s popularity, especially during Friday prayers. 

Some made jokes as to Anwar Ibrahim must have guards on rotation as they must be tired in protecting the Prime Minister from his fans. This is a shocker to many as the video shown on Twitter is of our Prime Minister in Johor, a state that is typically UMNO or Perikatan Nasional. 

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