TikToker Receives Backlash Over Argument With Cashier 

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Malaysians would always come to defend the hard workers in the retail industry. Recently, there was a TikToker that was upset with the cashier informing him that her cash register is about to be closed. Then, the TikToker decided to film his frustrations while arguing with the cashier. 

Netizens went against the TikToker 

Netizens were not happy that the TikToker scolded the cashier. He filmed the incident, and in the recordings there were moments where the cashier was telling him off as well. The netizen that posted this incident on Twitter decided to also post his TikTok profile, and we at Latest Malaysia suggest that you, the reader, not to send any hateful messages to the TikToker. 

Other netizens claimed that when an incident like this happens to them, they’d just switch counters without any second thought. Furthermore, over an incident like this, the reaction towards the person recording the video was quite awful as hateful names were directed towards him. 

Regardless of who’s right or wrong, berating someone you don’t know online is not a positive thing to do. Accusations towards the Gen-Z group of being too dramatic were also shot out in the comments section. 

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