Malaysia Condemns 3 Men To The Gallows

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3 men to the gallows. The High Court ordered three men, C. Peter Yesudas, 55; V. Kasinathan, 43, and K. Nagaraj, 57, to be hanged to death after finding them guilty of trafficking a total of 585.1 grammes of drugs into the country four years ago.

The judge found that they had failed to raise reasonable doubts against the charges and they were also found in direct possession (of the drug), which is the act of processing the drugs and knowledge of the drugs in a cow shed, which they had control of.

3 Men To The Gallows

There was another accused, M. Radakrishnan, 52, but the judge ordered the charge against him to be dropped as the man had died in custody while one of the accused, S. Balaguhan, 50 is still at large.

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3 men to the gallows
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