3 Things A British Tourist Finds Weird In Malaysian Malls

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It is common for people to be culturally shocked when visiting another country. The TikTok video done by a British tourist showed some of the differences we have in Kuala Lumpur compared to the United Kingdom. However, the video was done in a light hearted manner. 

Things British tourist finds weird in KL malls

It appears that the tourist went to Sunway Velocity. One of the weird things he saw there was a McDonald’s ice cream only stall. Usually in Europe, the McDonalds would be a complete restaurant, not just an ice cream stall. Furthermore, for those that did not know, apparently the train rides meant for kids in shopping malls are unavailable in the UK. 

Lastly, the final thing that British tourists may find different in Malaysia is that we still have Toys R Us. For the most part of the Western World, their Toys R Us are mostly closed due to bankruptcy. 

Netizens responded that the McDonald’s ice cream stall is there due to the hot weather that compliments our country. Some are even stating that Malaysia has weirder things that the tourist can discover. 

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