China woman goes on over 100 dates after break-up

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A China woman, 32, goes on over 100 dates after breaking up with her ex-boyfriend of 8 years & losing her job in the process. Wow, a record set by Baozhuzi, the alias of the woman who went on those blind dates.

She decided to begin her hectic dating schedule two weeks after her eight-year ex-boyfriend broke up with her at the end of 2021. Around the same time, she was laid off from her job, which cut her off from her social circles.

100 dates?

To get back on track, Baozhuzi set up over 100 dates through an online dating app and would meet up to three people in a single day. Why she went on that many dates? She is worried that China considers 35 years old as an advanced maternal age for women, thus she might no longer be physically fittest to fulfil her dream of becoming a mother of two.

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