How To Avoid “Tangkap Basah”? 

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On Twitter, an article done by a local website relating to their audience about “tangkap basah” which means an unmarried man and woman is caught in a room unchaperoned. Yes, this is still the law in Malaysia, but it usually happens in the Northern states or Eastern states. 

Avoiding “Tangkap Basah” 

The netizen wants others to do it responsibly as getting caught will cause a heap of trouble for those unfortunate ones. Netizens also placed their inputs stating that the younger generation needs to learn the importance of catching STDs like HIV and safe sex. 

There were religious netizens condemning this post asking the original poster how they will face God on the day of judgement for writing this. Many others were making the post into jokes such as “Allah has entered the chat” and “Is this Wattpad?” 

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