Umno May Move To Stop Hishamuddin

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Umno will amend its Constitution to remove renegade elected representatives from its ranks and the change is bound to occur at the 2022 general assembly from January 11 to 14, where a resolution not to challenge president Zahid Hamidi, whose leadership of Umno is critical to the stability of the PM Anwar Ibrahim’s administration, may be tabled and this may stop Hishamuddin Husein from seizing power.

At a press conference on Tuesday, Sec-gen Ahmad Maslan refused to directly address whether the party would decide not to challenge the top two positions in Umno, including Defence Minister Mohamad Hasan’s position as deputy president.

Stop Hishamuddin

Party polls are due in May and there has been speculation that a resolution to ring-fence Umno’s two highest positions could be approved in order to thwart a potential challenge from former vice-president Hishammuddin Hussein.

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Zahid Hamidi pi mana
Zahid Hamidi pi mana banjir dah kuala lumpur

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