Hannah Yeoh Responds To The Stadium Drama 

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Recently, netizens got fired up over the stadium bookings clashing with each other. Reasoning is that a concert for Jay Chou is days after the football match that is supposed to be held at the Bukit Jalil stadium. Apparently 20,000 seats will be left empty for that football match due to the equipment needed for said concert. 

Hannah Yeoh responds to netizens complaints 

It is nice to see a Minister responding to their citizens’ concerns. It is a rare occasion to see such an event happening. It is as though the previous administration did not even bother when a mishap happens or an easily explainable technical one happens. 

Hannah Yeoh responded by saying that Jay Chou’s team had booked the stadium since 2019 and the sports event was only booked a few months ago. She then elaborated that the concert would need 14 days to prepare for the installations of speakers and lighting. 

Netizens are still not pleased with her response and argued that the concert should change their venue to another stadium or a large hall. Statements such as “stadiums are supposed to be for sports, right?” are also a popular opinion among netizens. 

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