Netizens Share Who’s The Worst Minister So Far 

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A renown Malaysian artist, Fahmi Reza, who has done countless illustrations on our country’s current situation has spoken again. This time, he asked netizens on who has done the worst work as Ministers of this country, and if anyone would have a choice to pick just one, who would it be? 

Netizens state whos the worst Minister 

Fahmi Reza has always been apolitical, his artwork always shows the flaws regardless of whoever is in government. He even made a parody of Anwar Ibrahim. A soon to be famous slogan that was made by him is “buat bangsat, rakyat pecat.” 

A popular opinion is Nancy Shukri as she has apparently done nothing about the case involving two young girls who were slapped by their coach. Other ministers with the likes of Hannah Yeoh, Azalina, Fadhlina Siddek all spoke up and they’re not the Minister of Women, Family and Community Development like she is. 

Others claim that it is still too early for anyone to judge as it has only been a month of this new leadership. Anthony Loke was given as the best Minister for doing a job well done in the past couple of weeks. 

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