Nik Nazmi Advises Hamzah To Accept Defeat

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PKR Vice President, Nik Nazmi Nik Ahmad in a tweet today, urged the former Minister of Home Affairs Hamzah Zainudin to accept defeat and realise that he should instead help people who are struggling with the economic challenges.

He also urged the PN Opposition Chief in Parliament to focus on being an effective opposition bloc to the government and should not continue to try to topple the government, but rather focus on efforts to find a solution to the issues pressing the people at the moment, including inflation that is starting to put pressure on the cost of living.

Nik Nazmi Speaks Out

“Hamzah still cannot accept the reality of the establishment of the Unity Government. On the other hand, he wants to continue the effort to ‘break through the roof’ to topple the government like the Sheraton Move before with a backdoor government.”

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