Harry Expected His Room To Be A Museum But Queen Camilla Made It A Dresser

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Apparently, according to Prince Harry’s new book, he has the fullest intent on destroying the British Royal Family by making wild claims about them. The first one is that he claims Queen Camilla is an “evil stepmother” that cleared out his room to make it into a dressing room after he moved out. 

Harry making a mockery of himself 

Netizens felt it a bit awkward for him to mention such an incident directly to the public’s eyes. A netizen stated “Parents around the world turn their kid’s rooms into other uses after they move out. Why would Harry care? He’s not moving back in. What a whiny little boy!”

Him being called a “little boy” is a common theme in response to all of the “expose” stories that he and his wife Meghan has been spouting around town. Another stated “I don’t understand what Harry is trying to do with all these narratives… he wanted to break away from the Royal Family and yet he deliberately continues to talk about it? What is he necessarily gaining from all of this?” 

Generally, when the first talk he and his wife had on Oprah, they had stronger support from the public. However, now it appears that everyone, even those that initially supported Meghan and him are making fun of them. 

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