Kedah MB Claims That New PM Could Come In This Term 

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Kedah MB, Muhammad Sanusi has stated in a recent live video that our country has had multiple Prime Ministers in the past few years. He then stated it would not be impossible that a new one would come and take power. He is getting backlash for saying something like that, especially since he is in the opposition party. 

Kedah MB’s remarks 

As per Perikatan Nasional members and their full irony, just a few days ago, he wanted to meet Prime Minister Anwar Ibrahim to discuss some development plans. Netizens are firing at Muhammad Sanusi as they feel that he preaches religion but supports undemocratic backdoor governments for his own personal gain. 

Another netizen claims that those that are living in awful conditions in Kedah are actually being helped by this current government, and it appears that he wants to stop that. A popular word to describe him by netizens is “busuk hati.” 

However, there are some netizens that are out of line with their comments against him, some even stating profanities towards him. Others are puzzled at how Perikatan Nasional members keep threatening to disband the current government in such a desperate manner. 

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