Charles and Keith Meeting TikToker Attacked For Saying They’re A Luxury Brand

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Just a few days ago, a TikToker was attacked for calling Charles and Keith a luxury brand and the tables turned when more people pulled up to support her. It is a wonder why we Asians are so materialistic when it comes to fashion. Some would even look down on others for wearing a certain luxury brand solely due to it not being as expensive as others. 

Charles and Keith meeting the TikToker 

According to other news sites, the brand has invited her for lunch and a tour of their office. It is a nice touch for them to invite her. It shows that Charles and Keith is a brand that cares about their customers, not many others would do the same thing. 

Netizens are stating that those who attacked her got nothing, she in the end would get to meet prominent business people. Many are complimenting Charles and Keith on taking this approach. 

Others are happy for the TikToker and agreed with her that the S$80 bag is a luxury item. There were some netizens joking that they can’t even afford Bata shoes.  

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