Woman Tells Off Married Guy Saying He Can’t Afford Her

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This is a controversial topic in Malaysia as there are a number of guys who get married when they’re young and at times can be unsatisfied with their marriage. Some of them might resort to marrying a second wife, however, Malaysian women for the most part do not agree with this. 

Woman tells off married guy

The married guy Whatsapped the girl stating that he is bored with his wife and that she does not keep up her appearances. However, the woman took offence to this as his wife already has children and that she does not have enough time to dress nicely. 

The woman told him that her skin care alone costs RM400 a month and that his measly RM300 a month would not help her in any way. There are a lot who disagree with this statement, but some stated that this is often a true scenario that is affecting a lot of Malaysian women. 

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