Students Taking Legal Actions Against 7 Month Absent Teacher

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Apparently a teacher from SMK Taun Gusi was accused by their students for being absent for a duration of 7 months. There were a number of comments from netizens showing their outrage at such incompetence were allowed to be kept silent by the school’s management. 

Teacher sued by students for being absent

The teacher claimed that he was absent but was not aware of the complaints logged about him. Furthermore, the principal of the school agreed with the student’s claims saying that he was absent but the principal is still unsure of the students’ sincerity. 

Netizens are angry at the school for not taking any actions for a teacher that has been absent for several months. Furthermore, questions arise on whether the school provided the students with any substitute teachers to supplement the absent days. 

Netizens asked why the other teachers did nothing about their colleague being absent from teaching. Apparently when other teachers brought up the incident to the management, they received death threats and their car tyres were punctured.

Others were asking why a school teacher has so much power over the management and other teachers. Responses of the system protecting such people were the most prominent replies. There needs to be a change in our education system, if our teachers are incompetent, what example will be set towards our children? 

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