Child Found With Bruises All Over Body In Cheras

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The story of child abuse in Malaysia is shockingly a recurring one. In a month there must at least be a few cases that are quite brutal. We as a society should not punish our next generation in such a harsh manner. After all, they are just children. Children are bound to make mistakes. 

Child abuse in Malaysia

The child was found on the side of the road with bruises all over his body. Authorities informed the public that the child’s age is between 3-4 years old. He was found at 11:30pm last night. This of course sparked outrage among Twitter netizens. 

One netizen stated that those that married for lust should understand the concept of birth control or contraceptives. Basically, getting married and having kids does not make someone an instant parent, they’d need time, patience, money and energy to raise one.  

Others were praying that their descendants would not do such a horrific act to children. Furthermore, according to reports, the child is non-Malaysian as he couldn’t speak Bahasa Malaysia and has no vaccination scar. 

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