RM100,000 Worth Of School Donations MISSING 

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Money is such a funny object, it sometimes comes abundantly to someone, or it easily flows out from someone. However, in this case, the school’s principal took out the money and left it in the car. While having a drink, the robbers broke into the principal’s car and took the money away. 

RM100,000 donated to a school went missing

According to TV3, the incident happened in broad daylight. The donation money was supposed to be spread to the children that are in need. Netizens found the story quite suspicious as who in their right mind would leave six figures worth of cash in the car while having a cup of teh-o-ais. 

Others are saying that the principal should repay every penny lost for their negligence. Furthermore, questions on the principal not using modern methods such as QR pay and bank transfers are also raised. 

Netizens are asking why must the school use physical cash in order to help students. When using online banking with a trusted bank like Maybank, chances of the money being stolen would be significantly lesser. 

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