PAS Supporter Claims That Anwar Ibrahim Is A Liar 

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Apparently, when it comes to free speech, fans of the opposition party are happy to use it whenever they so choose. However, when it comes to one of their political members facing accusations, they would bring up religious quotes saying that we should keep out of other people’s business

PAS supporter using freedom of speech

Netizens attacked the supporter stating that PAS members have bribed the public into voting for them during the General Elections. However, the video shown is an alleged accusation. The supporter then claimed that it is fake news and that if anyone can’t name those involved it means it is not true. 

There is a claim that the accusation of the RM600 billion is false, the Mercedes that our current Prime Minister is using is his and not Muhyiddin Yassin’s, the list goes on. The fact remains that these counter attacks against Anwar Ibrahim are also baseless and there’s no evidence saying that he is lying. 

Others fought back saying that Muhyiddin Yassin is the worst Prime Minister in history and not Anwar Ibrahim. Many are calling PAS supporters “religious bigots” as they seem to overlook the welfare of the others in this country. 

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