Rise of #TollGate: Malaysians resorting to evasive tactics to avoid toll payments

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Recently, a woman was apprehended for failing to pay her toll fares on over 45 occasions. The highway management has issued a demand for the repayment of the outstanding fees. Notably, the woman in question was driving a Mercedes.

#TollGate: Malaysians too cheap to pay tolls 

A viral video on Twitter recently brought attention to the issue of reckless driving and toll fare evasion. The video, captured by a car camera, shows one driver recklessly tailgating a customer who was in the process of paying their toll fare, in an attempt to pass through without paying.

The paying customer, however, refused to be intimidated and stood their ground, preventing the other driver from getting through without paying their fair share. This dangerous and illegal behaviour not only undermines the toll payment system but also puts other drivers and toll employees at risk.

It seems that this incident has sparked a trend among other drivers, who are now resorting to tailgating other cars in order to evade toll payments. The toll gates are programmed to register multiple cars passing through as a single vehicle.

Netizens have also stated that these people should stop being “cheap” and start paying their fair share of toll payments. If you can afford a car, afford to fill it with fuel, you can definitely spare a few Ringgit to pay the fees. 

If the drivers are in close proximity to one another, thus allowing the tailgating cars to pass through without paying. This practice is a violation of the toll payment system and is illegal.


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