Trump’s Commanding Lead Over Biden In Fresh Polls

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Good news for former President Donald Trump has taken a commanding lead in the latest Harvard-Harris 2024 poll as it comes after a month of him releasing videos of his policy platform and previewing his vision for a potential return to the White House.

Trump outpaced President Joe Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris in the fresh polls. In a survey of 2,050 registered voters, Trump received 46% of the vote, while Biden received 41%. 13% of respondents were unsure. The gap between Trump and Harris was even wider, with Trump receiving 48% and Harris receiving 40%, with 12% of respondents unsure.

Fresh Polls

Trump also outperformed Florida Governor Ron DeSantis in hypothetical matchups against both Biden and Harris. DeSantis led Biden by a mere 3%, with 42% of the vote compared to Biden’s 39%, and 18% of respondents unsure. Against Harris, DeSantis also only led by 3%, with 43% of the vote to Harris’ 40%, and 17% of respondents unsure.


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Fresh Polls, Trump Is Back And Will Fight Marxists
Trump Is Back And Will Fight Marxists – Photo: WIKI

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