Netizen Angry At Stores Selling Makeup For Men

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The topic of men wearing makeup has been a long subject of debate among the Twitter community in Malaysia. Historically, men did wear makeup during the 1700s and wore what would be in today’s standard, feminine looking clothes. 

Makeup for Men? 

The trend of men being careful towards their appearance has seen a resurgence in popularity, attributed in part to the influence of K-Pop stars who frequently use makeup to touch up their appearance. For many, it can be used to enhance one’s natural features and make them appear more attractive.

However, not everyone agrees that men should be wearing it. Some argue that while it may be acceptable for television appearances or important events, men should avoid wearing it in their daily lives. Others argue that men who wear them may actually have an advantage in terms of attracting romantic partners. Regardless of personal opinions, the decision to wear makeup is ultimately a personal one, and should be respected.

There were comments stating that them isn’t “gay.” Some even claim that Donald Trump wears makeup, mostly for official events or coverage. Funny comments stating that even effeminate men wouldn’t even buy these products as they are meant to be covering just the basics. 


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