Thoughts On Kebaya Outfits From A Malaysian 

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The recent debate on Malaysian women transitioning to a more “Arab-esque” style has gotten a few people commenting on it. However, this netizen states that there are Malay women still wearing the traditional kebaya outfit. It is just a matter of preference if a woman chooses to wear it or not. 

Kebaya outfits

The netizen added that it is a Malay woman’s choice if she were to wear a kebaya or would in fact choose to cover up her body according to Islam. A popular sentiment among Gen-Zs “let women wear what they want.” This can go both ways as to either if they prefer a more conservative look or an edgy one. 

Feminists in the comment section stated that they are tired of men dictating on what they should and shouldn’t wear. There were other comments stating that it is necessary for both men and women to cover their bodies as per the religion. 

Regardless, it is inherently down to the individual, if they prefer to wear kebayas, it’s up to them. If they prefer to wear a kebaya with a hijab, it is also fine as back in the day there were claims that people used to do that as well. 


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