Netizen Claims It Cost At Least RM 5,000 For Funerals

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The topic of passing away is quite a taboo topic in our country, but most would want to keep safe in case anything happens to them. One of the options of being “safe” is to pre-plan your funeral. This is a popular occurrence among the Malay community as Muslims have specific procedures of leaving this earth. 

RM 5,000 funeral 

This netizen tweeted that her best friend has saved enough money for funeral arrangements in case anything happens to her. Netizens who are in their 20s also agreed with this process and they wouldn’t want to be an extra burden in case anything happens to them. 

Some claimed that they have thought of saving up for a few years, but have never gotten around to it. However, one question is, will this be affected by inflation as many are doing it in their 20s and would probably live a long fruitful life and by then costs must have obviously risen. 


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