Will KJ join PKR? No Way, Say Internet Users

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In a question posted on Twitter, a user asked followers to bet that Khairy Jamaluddin will join PKR and may become the Negeri Sembilan Menteri Besar in the future. But most of the comments on the post are not in favour of KJ joining the ruling party.

KJ join PKR – Niet?

The reasons netizens are giving is that KJ is better-off with PN or that he is a liability and cannot join PKR or that others in PKR will feel he will overtake them and cut their chances to lead in the future.

Nevertheless, Umno has sacked the former Health Minister and he is now a free agent who can join any party he wants though he recently totally rejected the appeal by the PAS to join them, saying he is a true blood Umno fighter.


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KJ Sacked, H2O Suspended For Rebellion In Umno

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KJ join PKR
Will Kj Join PKR?

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