TikTok Viral Cat Brings Prosperity

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Videos of a tom cat with a diamond-like eye went viral on TikTok, with users predicting luck and prosperity for its owner.

Thai netizens have a belief that a cat with a diamond-colored eye will result in diamonds being given to its owner. However, the condition is usually caused by glaucoma and not luck.

Viral Cat

Despite this, the videos drew 1.5 million views and comments, with many predicting lucky numbers for the upcoming lottery based on the TikTok user’s name or lucky cat numbers. The phenomenon highlights the popularity of feline superstitions in Thai culture.


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I wish you good luck and prosperity rich and thin and peach blossom#tiktok #fyp #foryou #pet #kitten #happy #catlover #funny #newyear

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Viral Cat
TikTok Viral Cat Brings Prosperity

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