Woman Claims To Hear Nicki Minaj Music In Afterlife 

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The authenticity of the unusual claim remains unverified, but a woman has reported a strange experience in which she allegedly died for a few minutes and saw “angels” dancing to Nicki Minaj music.

Is Nicki Minaj popular even in the afterlife? 

Many are treating this as a joke due to the nature of the story. Some even asked “why is she on fire if she claimed to have gone to heaven?” This is because the woman’s photo was apparently edited to look like it was in flames. 

Others claimed that a similar story was shared about another person dying and heard Rihanna’s music in Hell. Nicki Minaj fans questioned what song was playing up there. Netizens joked claiming that they can confirm that it is true because they were with the woman. 

Nicki Minaj

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