Netizens React: 13 Year Old Commits Suicide in Malaysia

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Tragedy strikes as a 13-year-old girl takes her own life in Puchong after being scolded by mother. The incident occurred after the girl was rebuked for buying a smartphone and staying out late at night, according to BFM news.

13-year-old girl commits suicide 

The girl left written notes stating that she was depressed and driven towards suicide due to her family’s treatment of her. A netizen said that he will never blame either the parents or the girl for her death as he was not there to judge the case. 

A netizen comments on the tragedy, stating that today’s children are from a different generation and that discipline and parental authority need to adapt to current times. They face different pressures compared to those experienced by their parents.

Someone who claims to be living in the same residential area as the girl stated that it was not suicide but an accident. The netizen then urged the curious public to stop blaming the girl’s parents as they are going through a tough time as it is. 


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