Woman Wearing Shorts Denied Entry At Police Station?

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Following an automobile collision, a woman alleges she sought to file a police report but was turned away from the police station due to her clothing. She claims to be denied entry to the Kajang police station because she was “wearing shorts,” according to a local portal.


“The officer saw what I was wearing (through the car window) and told me to leave. I was wearing Bermudas that covered my knees,” she claims, adding that she felt it was ridiculous and was forced to call her sister to bring a new change of clothes before she was allowed in.

“How can they deny me the right to lodge a report unless I change my clothes? He told me he didn’t care and that even ministers wouldn’t be allowed to enter.” But another netizen says she went to the same station in shorts and she was not sent off, but that was before MCO.


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Denied Entry
denied entry?

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