Opposition Supporter Asks: Why No Menu Rahmah At McDonalds?

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In a post that looks it was crafted by an opposition supporter, the latter asks why is the government no ‘forcing’ the non-Malay restaurants like McDonalds and KFC to offer the Menu Rahmah?

Hilarious as it is, these brands have their kids menu that can be turned into an adult meal if the person wanted to…unless the outlet managers refuses to sell menu kids to adults. But do not forget the Mix n Match. RM6 only.

Opposition Supporter Must Learn

Nevertheless, the racist issue is altogether a serious matter in the post by the apparent opposition supporter. In Malaysia, McDonalds and KFC are owned by local franchises. In 2016, Sheik Fahd and Abdulrahman Alireza from Lionhorn Pte Ltd, a Saudi Arabian company, bought over the franchise rights to McDonalds from the McDonald’s Corp.


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Opposition Supporter
Opposition Supporter Asks: Why No Menu Rahmah At McDonalds?

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