Bersih Wants Muhyiddin’s ‘Cabinet’ To Get Paid?

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Is it the hatred for PM Anwar Ibrahim or is it simply a fact that Bersih is also as corrupt as the PN for it to ask for Muhyiddin Yassin’s ‘shadow’ Cabinet to be paid for doing a job they are already doing for getting paid as MPs?

This is surely the most hilarious story you will hear in 2023. We will classify it as the number one funniest story from Malaysia this year. Keep that on record, readers. Look what Ambiga’s group is saying as published by Malaysiakini, unless it is an April Fools joke:

It called for the Malaysian government to recognize the formation of the opposition’s shadow cabinet and include a swearing-in ceremony, an allowance equivalent to one-third of a minister’s salary, and allocation of a paid research officer for each shadow minister. WTF.

Bersih Wants You To Laugh Out Loud:

Muhyiddin and friends in Parliament are already getting paid to be opposition

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The Joker is laughing

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