RM300million In Your Party Account? Explain! Anwar To Bersatu

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PM Anwar Ibrahim has urged the Bersatu party to explain how it got RM300million in its account after the party claimed that it is ‘clean’ like Bersih.

The leader of Bersatu has been called on to provide information to the MACC about the party’s finances with the accumulation of over the 300 million in a short period of time.

Anwar says that the investigation is due to a report that was filed and the leader has to explain the party’s sudden wealth to the MACC. Anwar also says his government is not interfering with investigations by the police and the MACC saying Bersatu is irresponsible to suggest otherwise.


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RM300million, Muhyiddin Yassin
RM300million – Muhyiddin Yassin from Wikipedia.

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