Heartbroken Dog Dutifully Buries Cat Fatally Struck in Road Accident

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A TikTok video of a dog and its dead feline friend has gone viral with the video showing the dog digging a hole to lay down the body of his dead feline friend.

Heartbroken Dog

Posted by @innerthoughts.99, the video has garnered more than three million likes and 50,000 comments and it says the dog and cat pair were crossing the road together when the feline was ran over by a vehicle.

The dog was whining, and ran across the road to pick up the cat and the dog buries the cat after digging a hole. It carried the cat’s body in its jaws and covered the cat with dirt using its muzzle.


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I just witnessed this today as i was passing the road, i saw a this dog and the cat shes carrying standing next to each other as i was watching them they were crossing the road the cat sadly got ran over and the dog was whining, i look at the dog waiting patiently to get to the cat a grabs her and runs across and from that moment youll see the rest…. it’s weird how this world works…💔💔😔 #dog #animal #sad #tired #feelings #innerthoughts #fyp #feelings #life #fypシ゚viral #cat

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Heartbroken Dog

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