Luxury Cars Found Parked At PPRs 

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Netizens have been complaining about the amount of luxury cars that are constantly parked near PPRs. They claim to find it unsettling as it is PPRs are built as low cost houses, and thus it should be available as an option for those in need. 

Rolls Royces parking at PPRs 

A netizen posted a photo of a Rolls Royce parked at a PPR complex. The price of a new one is undetermined in Malaysia but a 2016 second hand model alone would set you back about RM1 million. Now, it is unclear if the owner of that Rolls is living in a PPR or is just merely visiting a friend. 

Other netizens claimed that at other PPRs there are Mini Coopers and Hondas parked all over the place. There are those that stated many who still own these units are generational owners as their parents or grandparents initially bought the unit back in the 1980s and 1990s.

luxury cars

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