Anyone Care For Toilet Pasta? 

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Twitter is always known to be weird, however, today might have just been the weirdest day on Twitter. You’ll know why after reading this post. It is apparently a thing where people would drain their noodles on the toilet, which is not sanitary or advisable, but it is still done. Would you attempt to do it? 

Creepy pasta? No, toilet pasta 

Some netizens joked that this method will definitely save water for later use as it is all thrown in a “bowl.” This is without the regard that it is a toilet bowl. There were some that actually agreed with this method and claimed that as long the toilet is cleaned well, then it is fine. 

Someone joked that with this new “hack,” the purpose of a strainer is no longer needed. Others claimed that you can actually contract a disease and cause irreparable harm to your body. 


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