This Is Why PNs COVID Response Is Under Fire!

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With over 36,000 reported fatalities in Malaysia, the pandemic has also caused significant harm to the economy amid rising poverty (from 27,158 in 2019 to 136,000 in 2022) and business bankruptcies.

Covid-19 relief efforts amounting to over RM 600 billion caused a 25 percent increase in the money supply, public debt has risen to 61.3 percent of GDP and inflation has hit the food sector particularly hard. It also involves crony companies, procurements made well above prevailing market rates and beyond Cabinet purview, says a blogger. (Read Here)

Covid response

There are also allegations of corruption and mismanagement of funds, with an investigation by the MACC finding RM 300 million in a political party’s central bank account. All these during Covid response.


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Luxury Cars Found Parked At PPRs 

A netizen posted a photo of a Rolls Royce parked at a PPR complex. The price of a new one is undetermined in Malaysia but a 2016 second hand model alone would set you back about RM1 million. MORE

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Covid response
COVID Response

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Luxury Cars Found Parked At PPRs 

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