GoFundMe Sanctioned Syrians Even After Earthquake 

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GoFundMe’s purpose is meant to help those that are in trouble by raising money for the needy. However, due to Syria’s strained relationship with the United States, it appears that the fundraising platform has refused to allow any crowdfunding to be directed to those victims. 

GoFundMe not willing to help victims? 

The netizen complained that Syria is in need of aid and that these platforms banning the country will not help the victims. He went on making remarks that countries were willing to fund the rebels in Syria during the Arab spring, but now all of a sudden, it is not appropriate to help. 

Some joked that the United States is currently refusing to send aid to Syria but at the same time, they’re buying oil from the country. Another user claimed that sanctions are meant to go against the governments, but the ones who actually suffer the most are civilians.


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