iPads Are Now Bending, Apple Claims Its “Normal”

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Remember the whole scandal of the iPhone 6 Plus bending back in 2014? Well, this bendgate is back stronger than ever to haunt Apple and its consumers. According to a Malaysian tech enthusiast Xavier Naxa, an unsatisfied Apple customer complained about their bent iPad and their response is solely that it is “normal” for it to happen. 

iPad pro, the last air bender 

Apparently when unboxing the new iPad Pro, expect it to come pre-bent. Apple executives are claiming that this is a normal occurrence and that it happens more than anyone else thinks. Brave of them to mention these things without offering a refund for a devastated customer. 

Complaints that Apple is no longer associated with quality products and that their items now feel cheaply made. Another netizen made a joke thinking that their iPad was bent due to them sitting on it. Now, tech users are looking for other quality alternatives other than Apple due to their recent decline in quality.


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