Malaysian Student Caught With 1 Kg Worth Of Marijuana 

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Marijuana is still highly illegal in Malaysia. Regardless of the qualities that it may possess, the government still deems the substance as a drug and thus it is illegal. Due to its classifications, those that are caught with it or dealing with it may get punished severely, depending on the amount that is found on them. 

Caught for dealing marijuana 

The student was living in a private university’s dorm room and was caught having 1 Kg worth of the substance. If anyone is caught with 200g of the substance in Malaysia, it is an automatic death sentence or life imprisonment. 1 Kg is five times above the death sentence. 

Furthermore, the student is of local origins and his “stash” was identified during a raid of the dormitories. Netizens feel concerned towards the student’s parents and how worried they must feel. Others claimed that the substance is common among students as it may help some of them focus in their studies. 


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