PM Anwar Enters UMNO Building For Unity Govt Meeting 

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Reported by Melissa Goh from CNA, she stated that our Prime Minister, Anwar Ibrahim has stepped foot into the UMNO building for a meeting among members of the unity government. It is the first time for Anthony Loke and Mat Sabu to enter said building. 

UMNO’s legendary building 

Netizens were complimenting PM Anwar in hordes, they claim that he has been the best leader we had in quite a long time. Another netizen stated that after struggling for 25 years, Dato Seri Anwar Ibrahim is now on good terms with the people that once banished him from UMNO. 

Many Malaysians are calling for improved wages, increased opportunities, more trustworthy governance, and greater integrity from the newly formed unity government. This comes after disappointment with the previous interim government, which came to power during the Covid-19 lockdowns and failed to meet these demands.


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