Pretty Privilege Is Real, Malaysian Guy Proves It By Getting Free Drinks

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In Malaysia, or rather Southeast Asia, we tend to be nice towards those that are considered more attractive than the norms. However, when this guy was filming a random TikTok video while tending to his stall, he received a number of free drinks. Netizens are calling this phenomenon “pretty privilege”

Pretty Privilege is real 

The original poster stated that people like him are lucky as they get free drinks without even asking anyone for it. They claim that they are not jealous of the guy and that they actually admire the guy for being down to earth and humble. 

Another netizen who has been in the F&B industry claims that they do get free gifts from customers and they do not rely on pretty privilege. Some even said that customer service is the best, if you serve people nicely and they’re satisfied you’re bound to get a gift from someone. 

Pretty Privilege

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