Man Discovers The “Longest” Banana In The World 

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The Europeans are back at it again, re-exploring the world as it is their oyster. This man has gotten viral for exposing the world’s longest banana. It is quite surprising and not for the faint of heart. He claims that it tastes almost like a regular banana but a little more starchy. 

Longest banana in the world 

Netizens flooded to the comments questioning that now they are expected to trust history books written probably by his ancestors? Some are even mentioning that the man was fake plucking the comb of banana from the tree. 

Most of the comments know that this is not a banana but a plantain. It looks similar to a banana but bigger. They are known as the cooking banana. Accusations of the man who clearly is making the video for comedic reasons to be a “White conqueror.” 


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