Netizens Defending Menu Rahmah From Criticisms 

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The menu Rahmah has faced certain criticisms especially from opposition supporters and smaller business owners. A video clip showed a stall owner complaining that the menu’s base cost for businesses should be RM3.75 and he claimed that his baseline cost is a lot more than that. 

Menu Rahmah in the spotlight  

Netizens complained that stall owners are probably upset that legitimate businesses will profit from this and the rakyat would prefer to eat cheaper alternatives. Furthermore, the netizen stated that a number of these stalls tend to over charge the consumers without having any licence or permit. 

Others stated that if a business’ operational cost is high for selling beef or lamb, then it is understandable. However, if they are merely selling regular items for a steep price, that is what they find unacceptable. 


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