Potential New Owners Clamoring For Ownership of Manchester United 

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As the competition to acquire Manchester United heats up, at least five formidable contenders have emerged, with Sir Jim Ratcliffe further fueling his bid by enlisting the support of financial powerhouses JP Morgan and Goldman Sachs.The race to buy Manchester United has reached a critical point with a group of five credible bidders ready to compete.

New Owners for United

Fans were thinking that the news was not true, but multiple sources have now claimed that there are indeed five interested buyers.  The current asking price for the club is ÂŁ5 billion, which is definitely a steep price for the billionaires out there. 

Others are claiming that the Glazers, United’s current owners, are in the process of making the most successful heist in history. Furthermore, with the problems facing the Old Trafford stadium and the club being in debt, there will definitely be issues for those that intend to purchase it. 

New Owners

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