Aeon’s Rice Cooker Drama

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Netizens are questioning today’s world where if we were to make a formal complaint to a store, it may go unnoticed. However, if we made a big deal about it on Twitter, these companies would notice and take immediate action in order to save their reputation.

In an unspecified Aeon, a restaurant there was using an unsanitary rice cooker to prepare meals for their customers. The netizen then sarcastically asked that could the stains on the rice cooker be the actual design of the appliance. The tweet went viral and Aeon suddenly took measures to rectify the ugliness.

Rice Cooker Complaints

Netizens decided to add their views to the tween, listing down their complaints towards Aeon. Twitter user sweetie_koohs @lovelykoohs stated, “Naiss kalau nak komplen pasal tenant yg guna cash only boleh tak? Chatime kat aeon klebang tu.. not sure tmpt lain pun sama jugak ke tak? tp please letak other payment option at least aeon wallet ke? Dah 2023 kot?


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Rice Cooker
Aeon’s Rice Cooker Drama

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