Netizens Labels P. Ramasamy as An Obstacle to Unity Government

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Former Education Minister Maszlee Malik called for the Democratic Action Party to take action against P. Ramasamy for suggesting the dismantling of Malay monopolies in the government sector. However, netizens pointed out that the focus should be on addressing the monopolies reportedly present in the state of Penang before addressing those at the national level.

P. Ramasamy not well liked among Malaysians 

Non-Malay netizens are against his statement as they claim he could disturb the peace and harmony of Malaysia if he decides to continuously poke fire again. For the Second Deputy Chief Minister of Penang, he should word what he says carefully. 

Furthermore, statements like these may lead Malaysians to avoid voting for him during the next general elections. Other netizens claim that government servants are mostly Malay due to the number of Malaysians speaking the thick Malaysian accents which could be difficult to understand for those that do not speak Malay well. 


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Netizens Upset At “B40” Attitude 

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