Netizens Upset At “B40” Attitude 

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The weird class separation terms which are T20, M40 and B40 has divided Malaysians on social media and Twitter in a number of social issues. Those who appear or want to be on the “upper class” spectrum tend to mock those that are supposedly in the “B40” class. 

Alleged B40 attitude? 

A cash on delivery rider was upset that a flat resident refused to open their doors in order to pay and receive their online order. Then a viral Twitter page called that behaviour a “B40” attitude which sparked debates among Malaysians. 

Netizens were quick to defend the B40 group stating that those in a higher income bracket can also behave out of line. Another netizen stated that those who would do such a thing to a delivery man should be penalised, regardless if they are B40 or T20. 


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