Siti Kassim Vouches For Anthony Loke After JPJ Road Tax Move 

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The Malaysian government recently unveiled a significant change to the system of road taxes. Previously, car owners were required to display a physical sticker on their windshield to prove payment.

Siti Kassim praising Anthony Loke

Under the new coalition government, this outdated technology is being replaced by a convenient app. This move has been met with impressive responses, with Twitter user Siti Kassim even going so far as to praise Transportation Minister Anthony Loke and suggest that he should be the Prime Minister.

The reaction to Siti Kassim’s remarks has been mixed among netizens. While some feel that the change is redundant, others are strongly praising Anthony Loke for his swift actions in the interest of the country. Many have also added their own suggestions for the government to consider in the future.


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